Tim McMaster-Libertarian Candidate for Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania

Liberty Speaks Endorsed Candidate

Tim McMaster


Timothy McMaster is a father, husband, grandfather, goat, and Irish Dexter Cattle farmer, as well as a former professional wrestler and touring drummer. He is also the current Chair of the Conewago Township, York County Audit Board, having been elected as a Libertarian in 2021. Also in 2021, he ran for the vacant State Senate seat in PA District 48, receiving a higher percentage of votes than the 2020 Libertarian Presidential candidate in that district. He was also involved with establishing and growing the Libertarian Party of Lebanon County, PA. Tim is the Libertarian party of Pennsylvania’s Central Region Vice Chair, he is also the Chair of the LPPA Marketing Committee, as well as a member of other committees, including Affiliate Support and Issue Coalition. He is the former Vice Chair and current Secretary of his local affiliate, LP York PA.

He first registered as a Libertarian in 1992, immediately after graduating High School. Tim believes in absolute liberty for the individual and that individuals can and do perform better without the oppression of government in every aspect of their lives. Individual liberty is a more powerful tool for prosperity than any army, any bureaucrat or any government could ever be.

He is currently running for Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on a platform of reducing or eliminating property taxes by slashing spending out of Harrisburg, Defending the PA National Guard from being sent to fight in undeclared wars and an absolute fidelity to the LIBERTY of all Pennsylvanian’s

My platform of a minimalist government that is so small it makes itself irrelevant is directly in line with Liberty Speaks. I am a person who is fighting every day to make the lives of my children, your children and all future generations much freer than we currently are. As Lt.Gov of PA, I will be fighting to slash the wasteful, redundant or fraudulent spending in Harrisburg. I will fight to defend Article 1, Section 21 of the PA Constitution, which is much clearer than the Second Amendment to the US Constitution

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