Lemichael D. Wilson-Libertarian Candidate for Governor Of Tennessee, Speaker

Lemichael D. Wilson

Liberty Speaks Endorsed Candidate and Speaker


The Light Switch of Liberty: Together, We Can Turn it Back On” is the title of his speech.

Liberty is not a light switch. It can never be an arbitrary light switch that the powerful turn off discriminately for those with whom they do not identify. The light of Liberty in the room of our democratic republic must be eternally switched on in order for us all to walk in the light of justice and opportunity. For when the light of liberty is off, our citizens individually and our country collectively stumbles around blindly in a shadowy and uncertain darkness borne of ignorance, strife, discrimination, injustice and poverty.

Yet today, the light of a Constitutionally responsive government has been slowly dimmed to the point that there is little expectation of liberty, justice or good governance from either of our dominant political parties, who operate in dark, backroom deals that quash the light of our practice of personal liberties. Nor is there any real willingness to allow others to come to the table in the light of day and have real influence by bringing the light of new ideas and the opening of new windows of citizen participation to let new light enter into their own government. Our freedom has been gradually curtailed by our own elected government, and it’s time for it to stop! This is our opportunity to start the revolution. This is our moment to  turn the light switch of Liberty back on.

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