Jorge Besada, Liberty Speaks II Speaker

Jorge is a co-founder of Liberty Speaks, has a degree in Computer Science and has worked in big-tech firms like PayPal and Microsoft, but once he stumbled upon the following statement from the great economist George Reisman:

 “The solution to the present problem of massive, overwhelming poverty is nothing other than the science of economics. As should be increasingly clear, economics is a science which can make possible the construction of a social and political system in which human success is a feature of normal, everyday life everywhere. It is truly the humanitarian science, and only those who have studied it well and who are prepared to implement its teachings deserve to be called friends of mankind. The most important charity which true friends of mankind can pursue is to disseminate knowledge of this vital subject as widely and as deeply as they know how.” 

George Reisman

…he focused his energies on economic education. Once he realized that the thinkers commonly referred to as ‘The Austrian School of Economics’ like their founder Carl Menger, Ludwig von Mises, and 1974 Nobel Laureate in Economics F.A. Hayek provided the intellectual foundation for understanding how the world works he has tried to spread their ideas. He is the author of A Hayekian Worldview: Natural Selection and the Evolution of Life, Society, the Economic Crisis, Hip-Hop, and F.A. Hayek’s Coming Intellectual Revolution which was originally published in 2011 and was out-of-print for a while but is once again available in an unchanged 2022 edition. The book attempts to summarize the wisdom of ‘The Austrians’ in a manner that can be understood by any curious citizen, and applies it towards understanding pressing social problems like race relations, wars, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and more.

The Ludwig von Mises Institute has published a few articles he has written.
Two Reasons Why Socialism Repeatedly Fails
Hazlitt Predicted Economics in Two Lessons

Jorge will be giving three presentations at the Liberty Speaks II event:

Saturday 10:10 – 11:00 – ‘How The World Works: An Easy Yet In-depth Introduction to Carl Menger and his ‘Austrian School of Economics”

Will provide easy introduction to economics but with a focus on the vital evolutionary ideas of Carl Menger. Working speech can be found here. Listen to it here. Live presentation on Saturday Oct. 8th will have slides…

Saturday 3:00 – 3:15 – “Hitler’s intellectual errors (Socialism, racialism, anti-Semitism) and the vital need for Jews to properly understand them”

See/hear draft version of presentation here

“If socialists understood economics they wouldn’t be socialists.” F.A. Hayek

Similarly, if everyone really understood freedom, regardless of faith, ethnicity, etc. we would not have the wars/conflicts which continue to plague mankind, including the Jew/Gentile conflicts that are as old as Christianity itself and continue to play such influential roles via the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and much that grows from it.

Hayek writes regarding man’s ignorance of how the economy/world works:

“To them the market economy is largely incomprehensible… and its results seem to them irrational and immoral. They often see in it merely an arbitrary structure maintained by some sinister power.”

Who is that ‘sinister power’? Each group of economically ignorant fellow homo sapiens depending on their history and numerous circumstances mistakenly identifies a different boogeyman. Since the modern market economy (Capitalism) emerged in Europe and took Europeans to relative prominence, understandably so for much of the third world and non-whites, it is “the white man” and his “exploitative Capitalism” and-or “racism”. There is of course, the “evil corporations”, “the rich-CEOs”, “greed”, “sexism”, “minorities”, “immigrants”, etc. It is as if we are fooled into believing that just because the social order is the result of human action, that our problems are likewise the result of conscious planning or design-plotting by fellow slightly smarter apes. They are not. They are overwhelmingly the result of economic ignorance. In this talk we will discuss how economic ignorance leads to Jews being mistaken as some “sinister power” with disastrous world-wide consequences. The great Jewish economist and free-market advocate 1976 Nobel Laureate in Economics Milton Friedman via his talk “Capitalism and the Jews” provides a great example of the various errors leading to antisemitism.

Just like Communism was mostly defeated by exposing the fallacies that led to it, it is vitally important that antisemitism is likewise overcome by understanding and overcoming the economic fallacies that lead to it. Sadly most Jews lack this proper understanding and just revert to simplistic name-calling which just continues the fallacies, polarizations, and wars.

Sunday 4:30 – 5:00 –  “Economic Ignorance as the Source of Racial Problems and the Nonsense of Critical Race Theory”

Given mankind’s current ignorance of how the socioeconomic order works and has evolved(the wisdom of ‘The Austrians’ is still not mainstream), which is something that has potentially little to do with race, it is quite understandable how various race-related fallacies which equate civilization with ‘white people’-race, like British-European Imperialism and Nazism, dominated much of the last few centuries and are still somewhat influential today. Certainly at least some much-hated “racist white men” erroneously believe that civilization and prosperity is somehow tied to their race or Christianity and understandably these people tend to be more against immigration and understandably disliked by some non-whites. Here we can see further factors leading to the modern political Left-Right divide that has the USA and many European nations with increasing non-white immigrant populations on the brink of civil wars.

If you are going to have a civil war-unrest you need some simplistic ideas which can segregate-polarize the economically ignorant public. To one economically ignorant group of homo sapiens (the political “Left”-“Democrats”-“Liberals”), the political “Right”-“Republicans”-“Conservatives” is just the “racist white man who uses capitalism to exploit and maintain the status quo for his benefit and Donald Trump and all the other white ‘conservative’ leaders are the perfect embodiment of this fact”. That’s pretty much it. It is so-called “identity politics”, where the “racist white man” and his allegedly antiquated values(religion) oppresses or discriminates against various groups-“identities”(women-minorities-gays) and overturning such supposed political-economic oppression is what is needed to fix the world’s problems by coercively sharing more wealth and funding social programs (competition-less government monopolies) that allegedly treat everyone fairly-equitably. The fact that many whites understandably make the erroneous assumption that their blood-race-religion was a very significant factor in the recent emergence of civilization only helps add fuel to the Left-Right polarization-hatreds. Many whites-liberals, with the best of intentions, might be ashamed of the imperialist past of their ancestors or of the racism of their parents-uncles-friends-etc. or their own “shameful” preference for perhaps blue-eyed blondes and erroneously believe that such a past-racism-preference is a significant factor in the relative underachievement-problems of other groups-minorities. A well intentioned economically ignorant person can easily find some “racist CEO” who discriminates based on race and “voilà! this racism is the root of the problems!”. This sort of collective sense of guilt is what allows Black Lives Matter rioters to destroy cities virtually unopposed. So we can see how economic ignorance inevitably leads both blacks and whites to increasingly see whatever racism might exist as an increasingly significant problem to fix, via massive socialist-government-monopoly-coercion of course as can be seen by today’s Democratic party’s prominent focus on ‘racial justice’. Both groups are wrong. The “racists” are wrong, and so are those who believe “racism”, no matter how little or much of it exists, is a problem which needs clueless bureaucrats via their competition-immune-coercive-tax-payer-funded bureaucracies to be solved.

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