Ending the Ukraine-Russia War: A Simple Solution


In August 10, 1915, British physicist Henry Mosely, who would have probably won the Nobel Prize that year, died in perhaps the most disastrous error mankind has thus far made, The First World War (1914–18). Bright and pious slightly smarter apes that had absorbed German-French-British-Russian “identities”… students, fathers, engineers, “great minds” and “experts”, who even shared a common European Christian faith, reverted to their tribal ape-like nature, and for God, honor, flag and country, slaughtered each other leading to about 18 million deaths and millions more left invalid. During the early days in the lead-up to World War I there was an atmosphere of joy and excitement as thousands of young men celebrated and volunteered for the coming war which would bring unity, purpose, and glory. After the war, when much of Europe lay in ruins, many were numb and in a state of stupor wondering how they could have fooled themselves into such needless carnage. Why did this happen? And if it was such a big deal at the time, worth sacrificing so much, how come hardly anybody knows anything about it today? 20 years later via World War Two the tribalistic slaughter led to over 80 million deaths and what followed was a “Cold War” that brought homo sapiens close to nuclear annihilation several times. Why were our “great leaders” and “intellectuals” utterly powerless to prevent the WWI-II slaughters and were in fact its promoters? How can mankind today build mindbogglingly complex microchips, airplanes, satellites, the Internet and so much more, yet still not have figured out something as simple as peace and always be one spark away from another world-wide tribalistic calamity as the Russia-Ukraine war is clearly showing? Homo sapiens is a smarter tribal ape whose instincts are ideally suited to living in small tribes where the social order was coordinated by easily identifiable people. Warfare and predation was an important evolutionary strategy and one of the reasons we are social and have evolved big brains. This is vital for understanding the strong tribalistic-nationalist-militaristic-patriotic tendencies we are so susceptible to and has the planet littered with nuclear weapons and “civilized” taxpayers believing we must have them. That’s all we are going to say about that. Somehow we need enough people who can overcome the tribalisms and work towards peace. Please watch the brief (2.5 minute) discussion on how close we have been to nuclear holocaust.

With the above in mind let us now discuss the Russia-Ukraine war.

Blaming the ignorance and negligence, but NOT malice, of both Putin and Zelensky.

It is absurd to “blame” or vilify the politicians involved in this disaster. We must focus on the ideas, a human nature we all share, economic ignorance, and countless other factors which lead to the wars.

Putin’s errors:

Regardless of the fact that there were many ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine who did not want to be governed by the Ukrainian government and wanted some kind of independence and countless other factors, Putin’s invasion was a gigantic error. Even if Putin had legitimate reasons and had given diplomacy many opportunities, the probability of immense suffering and a civilization-ending world war should have prevented such a fateful decision to invade.

Zelensky’s errors:

Zelensky failed to placate the legitimate desire of many ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine to have more autonomy and self-rule. Wanting to join NATO and thus further propagate militarization is also a mistake. The right ideas are those that lead to more free trade, less nationalistic government control, less militarization. One should be working towards dialog in a way where militarism is reduced, not increased. Once Russia invaded with the clear intent of solving by force what is really a territorial dispute over a small peace of land, Zelenskyy has been erroneously shunning diplomacy and looking to involve NATO, the USA, and Israel. Zelenskyy’s language is also reflective of monumental errors in his thinking, he keeps referring to Putin and the Russians as some religious-like mystical “evil” entity which is totally detached from the reality that Putin is a fellow homo sapiens, a family man just like Zelenskyy, a world leader. A deeply mistaken one in numerous ways which of course includes the invasion, but obviously far from some fictitious “evil” caricature. Zelenskyy told Israeli politicians that “You can mediate between countries, but not between good and evil.” Again, this type of language and the mindset behind it can only lead to escalation and world war. Compounding this error he is trying to expand this conflict into a Jew vs. antisemite conflict by focusing on Russia’s good relations with Iran, Syria, and Palestinian leadership, which are very critical of Israel, and sadly, especially the Iranian government, frequently mention truly misguided antisemitic things.

A simple solution

Instead of having either Putin’s or Zelenskyy’s governments decide how people in the contested areas run their lives, we should allow the people themselves decide how they do so, and use this chaos as an opportunity to educate the people there and people all over the world regarding how freedom, self-rule, decentralization, and the emerging competition of ideas that emerges from this, is the key to socioeconomic harmony. We propose the following:

  1. Immediate cease fire and complete demilitarization of all contested areas. Russia’s military leaves and Ukraine’s military does not occupy the area.
  2. A new country or political-legal entity is created and adopts a well-thought-out constitution which seeks to maximize freedom and the emerging peace and competition of ideas that emerges from it. Fortunately mankind already has a great starting point via ‘The Voluntaryist Constitution’
  3. This new country should have no restrictions regarding immigration, travel, or business with citizens from Ukraine, EU, or Russian federation.
  4. In order to pay some kind of restitution for the immense damage caused by invasion without causing loss or hardship to Russian citizens, Ukrainians can be given land in Russia.
  5. The UN needs to have an internationally recognized and respected way for groups of people to have the freedom to secede from large and bloated governmental bureaucracies and create their own governments so that we move away from coercive and competition immune bloated governmental bodies and we introduce competition in governance.

Further educational material

With over 29 million views, here is an excellent analysis by a prominent and widely respected intellectual John Mearsheimer discussing of some of the errors made leading to this calamity.

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