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The Current Zionist-Israeli State Will Be Dismantled By Highly Educated Secular Jews. Calling Bibi!

I recently noticed that Shlomo Sand’s ‘The Invention of the Jewish People’ has been made available on audible and quickly listened to it. Prior to this book I had just listened to Netanyahu’s new autobiography ‘Bibi: My Story’. For years I have been one of the many people who feel like the ideology of Zionism and resulting Israeli state (in its current form) have been monumental errors. But it was not till recently listening to the above books, and also...


Review of and thoughts regarding Benjamin Netanyahu’s Autobiography ‘Bibi: My Story’

Listening to ‘Bibi: My Story’ made me realize that Zionism is essentially another movement like Socialism, where many wonderful and bright people fooled themselves into a monumental error. I’ve felt like Zionism and resulting Israeli state as it currently functions has been a monumental error for a while, but the similarities to Socialism, not in the economic sense(which it had in its early history), but in the misguided-ideological-movement-sense did not become so clear as when learning about Bibi’s life and...


Understanding The Intellectual Errors Leading to Antisemitism and Resulting Wars: How The Wisdom Of ‘The Austrian School’ Economists Is Needed To Understand The Evolution and Functioning Of Society, And Overcome The Jew-Gentile Misunderstandings That Led To ‘Antisemitism’, Zionism, World War Two, The Russia-Ukraine War, And More.

Article can be listened to here as well: Carl Menger (1840–1921) and his ‘Austrian School of Economics’ are not only vital for understanding how the socioeconomic order works and has evolved, but also for understanding antisemitism and its disastrous ramifications. The world is once again dealing with erroneous Jewish conspiratorial thinking as highlighted by Kanye West’s recent misguided remarks about Jews. Few object to studying Judaism and its complex co-evolution with other faiths and Western Civilization. What really turns study,...

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