Liberty Speaks Candidate Endorsement Form

Apply to be endorsed by Liberty Speaks. Candidates of all political affiliations are welcome to submit request.

If approved, Liberty Speaks will endorse and promote your political candidacy including links to your websites and social media sites.

Liberty Speaks will endorse and promote any candidate whose platform/candidacy fosters/promotes the basic missions of the Liberty Speaks. In its simpliest terms the core criteria to become a Liberty Speaks endorsed candidate is an agreement to most, if not all, of the following core missions. Candidates will be evaluated by the Co-Founders and Board of Liberty Speaks and notified of their approval after review. Liberty Speaks is not a PAC and does not give monetary support. Once approved the candidate’s biography, platform, social media sites, and website information will be placed on the Liberty Speaks website for promotion. Additionally, once approved candidates are welcome and encouraged to submit potential content related to the Liberty Speaks mission to the educational components of the website. All content submission must be appoved by the team. It is expected that the endorsed candidates will come from a plethora of polical affiliations with many varied platfoms on many other topics. We promote discussions, disagreements, and diversity of ideas as it relates to all the major and minor topics that typically become part of the political discussions of this day. We essentially promote discussion and collaboration across the spectrum of political universe in a effort to show what unites humanity is far greater than what divides us and to demonstrate this though dialogue, competition of ideas, mutual respect, and the common goal to make the world a better place.

  1. Right to body autonomy. No medical procedure or intervention can be forced or coerced. Informed consent is a requirement for all medical interventions and can not be tied into the ability to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.
  2. Pro Second Amendment Rights Advocate and Proponent. At a minimum a candidate may be considered if they simply agree to not promote anti Second Amendments agendas/platforms/legislation.
  3. Proponent of less waste in government, small federal government role in daily lives, proponent of state and local government for decisions of importance to the population at large.
  4. Rights to Private property
  5. Individual rights to opportunity via free market and competitive knowledge discovery.

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